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V.P.M.M. Arts and Science College for Women

Computer Lab
Computer Science lab is well equipped with NT server and Netware server. Through LAN 40 nodes (486 Pentium, Pentium II, Pentium III) are loaded with windows operating system. The laboratory is also provided with Microprocessor kits. It has internet access through VSNL with TCP/IP accounts. Students handle project work on RDBMS and visual computing.

Physics Lab
Physics laboratory is provided with all necessary equipment such as CRO, Audio Oscillators, Frequency Meters, Function Generators, Multimeters etc., to conduct digital electronic practical. Students are strongly encouraged to carry out projects in basic physics, bio-physics and electronics.

B.Sc., Bio-Chemistry Laboratory
Biochemistry laboratory for undergraduate course was established in 1994. The laboratory has wide range of equipments such as Incubators, Electric Ovens, Autoclaves, Calorimeter, pH meters, Centrifuges etc., to carry out haematological, microbiological, clinical and cytological studies.

M.Sc., Bio-Chemistry Laboratory
The P.G. laboratory was established in 1998. It is well equipped with Sepectronic 20, High Speed Refrigerator, Centrifuge, Deep Freezer, Flame Photometer, Electrophoretic Unit, Calorimeter, TLC Kit, Magnetic Stirrer, pH meter etc.,

Students undertake projects in different disciplines. The department also takes interest in biochemical investigations for improving the health and nutrition of people living around Srivilliputur.

B.Sc., Microbiology Laboratory
Microbiology lab is well furnished with sophisticated instruments such as Bacteriological Incubators, Hot Air Over, Auto Clave, High speed refrigerator centrifuge, Quick Freezer (-20 C), Laminar air flow, Projection Microscope etc. Students are encouraged to involve in interdisciplinary studies and research.

Well updated library, with a collection of 5000 standard books, back volumes of journals and reference materials for all the courses offered by this institution, provide all opportunities for students to retrieve information, useful for project work and research studies.

A well-furnished hostel with modern kitchen and spacious dining halls are available. The mess provides students homely, hygienic and healthy food at reasonable prices. Different menus are also available for other state students.