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Our infrastructure is well - developed and very impressive. The polytechnic has a total building area of about 12,000 sq.mts. A casual walk through our extensive campus , extending an area of about 50 acres of land, will highlight many of the following special features:

A clean and green campus providing a cool environment even in summer.An aesthetically architectured " Silver - Jubilee Block" mainly serving the administrative function. This was constructed in 1983 in commemoration of the Silver Jubilee of our polytechnic.A massive two - storey main building housing airy class rooms.

Several kinds of laboratories and workshops installed with the latest machinery / equipment appropriate to the range of programs offered. Our Textile laboratories are very well - equipped and are the pride of the institutions. A busy and up - to - date computer center using the latest machines and a variety of licensed and custom - made software.

A well - stacked library and a spacious reading room. To help the needy and poor students in the matter of supply of text books, a book - bank scheme is established in the polytechnic. The Xerox facility & Internet facility are also available in the library. A well - equipped audio - visual center including a wide range of audio - visual aids.

Modern office automation equipment. A Continuing Education Center bustling with activity and boasting of its own computer laboratory equipped with state - of - the - art machines.Two auditoria, one in the open, admidst greenery and foliage and the other within a building. A multi - purpose hall that can be used for any event from examinations to indoor sports meets.

A large hostel to accommodate 250 boys, a separate hostel to accommodate 100 girls. A sports ground and associated sports equipment and accessories. A guest house situated at a quit location in the campus.

Extra Services
An extension counter of Central Bank of India in the campus. A Students ' Cooperative Stores rending essential stationery items at affordable rates. A canteen, a vehicle shed and other essential amenities.