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Vinayaka Mission's Kirupananda Variyar Medical College

Laboratories The laboratories are adequately furnished with modern equipments and instruments for the use of individual student and for the practical demonstration to small groups by teachers. Charts, models and case reports are also available for small group discussions. Periodical evaluation of student performance both in theory and practical are being made and video scopes for visualizing real time surgical procedures are available for students.

Library: Over 10,000 Text and Reference books, large number of Indian and Foreign journals related to each and every branch of medicine are available for regular reading and reference to the students and staffs along with News Papers, and Magazines. Video cassettes and CD players on different areas of medicine are added to the teaching aids. Computer with internet facility links the institution with the inter national web sites by providing access to the latest informations as and when generated through out the world. The Teaching Methods are so efficient by producing 100% results and distinctions. The Library is kept open throughout the year except Sundays and declared holidays. The library working hours are in week days 8-00 a.m. to 8-00p.m. Holidays 9-00a.m. to 4-00p.m. During the examinations time, the library will be remain opened upto midnight. The Library allotted for the students and staff members separately and sections for periodicals, Audio-Visual projection, photocopiers and browsing centre for visiting web sites for obtaining online - information.

Transport: Five College buses and Two vans are available for the staffs and students to attend health camps, educational trips and to visit vaious rural health centres as a part of their academic programs. Transport facility is extended to the students and the staff for attending college and the hospital related works. Available for all the students who are coming from various places and all the routes.

Hostels: Seperate hostel facilities are available for both Boys and Girls. Newly built-in-campus hostels are having great attraction to boys and girls for its high class comfort and most suited and required healthy atmosphere.The hostels are provided with all necessary amenities and facilities including:

Accomodation available for 500 boys and 250 girls; Common room provides Telephone,Television, Newspapers and Magazines; Adequately safety measures are provided with strict disicipline; Sports facilities; Seperate mess for male and female students; Hygienic food , purified water and other refreshments are avilable in the mess; Medical services on call including hospitalization Recreation facilities.