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Founded in 1881, in historic Madurai, The American College continues its dynamic tradition. The college has now developed into a modern seat of learning, keeping abreast of the new trends in higher education. There are 13 undergraduate and 12 postgraduate programmes of study in the college, with seven of these departments actively engaged in research. In addition to the usual programmes in the humanities and the sciences, the college has maintained its contemporaneity by offering courses in Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Computer Science, Business Administration and Social Work. The department of Religion, Philosophy and Sociology contains in itself a rare combination of subjects seldom found elsewhere. Besides, innovative courses such as Gender Studies, Dalit Studies, Folk Arts, Epigraphy, etc., are offered under the appropriate major programmes. An interdisciplinary dimension is attempted by requiring the science majors to take courses in the humanities and vice versa.

The Object of the College is to give the students a liberal christian education, to train them in the service of God and people and to do such other things as are in harmony with that object. The continuing vision and vibrancy of the college flow naturally from the commitment to this original object. The holistic education that this vision implies enables the development of the body, mind and spirit of the student.