Customize Styles of

Hotel Management School is an integral part of Hoteliering. Most hotel management schools do train students who aspire for management positions in the Hospitality Industry. At the Hotel Academy, the focus will be on the overall development in human relations. Thereby, there will be an individual trained for the ever changing decades to come. Incidentally, major Hospitality outlets have a perennial teething problems in terms of trained manpower suitable for their operations. Hence, custom - built personality, stereotypes were the offshoots of the present practice. To offset this system, the learning pattern adopted by THE HOTEL ACADEMY will be a total turnabout from the existing patterns based on the Days Inn Learning Centre, USA.

Our aim is to impart training to the student what is relevant for his or her successful adaptation to the environment when thrown into. Inasmuch as the present system could yield results, the need for change still looms largely in the face of every aspirant. Thanks to various effort made by many sincere individuals who wanted to bring about a conscious change in the system but failed due to the overall stigmas and constraints prevailing in the Hotel Industry.

Location of THE HOTEL ACADEMY amidst many leading star hotels / educational institutes / schools with all the desirable infrastructural facilities like transport, nearness to the suburban railway station, metro bus services gives a conducive atmosphere for learning. The Academy situated on a main road in the heart of the city and busy commercial areas would offer easy accessibility and drastically reduce commutation time.