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Bharath University (Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research)

The University lays special emphasis on providing the best infrastructure for learning on all its campuses. All the Institutions of the group are provided with spacious buildings to accommodate reception, office and classrooms, staff-rooms, drawing halls, laboratories, workshops, libraries, computer centers, auditoriums, conference halls, examination halls, recreation centers for staff and students, sports rooms, dispensaries, canteens, hostels placement cells, rooms for NCC, NSS, Rotract, rest rooms and finearts clubs. There are separate Under-graduate and Post-graduate blocks.

An important feature is that most of the buildings have been designed and constructed by the Departments of Civil Engineering and Architecture. All the buildings have been elaborately furnished and fitted with all necessary fixtures. Back up generator facilities of high capacity make the institutions independent of the public power system.

Edu Sat Classrooms
Access the best tutorials from around the world, through satellite TV. Our edu-sat classes are equipped with interactive video and computer-based instructional units to create a global ambience for your learning.

Wi-Fi Campus
Our campus is Wi-Fi enabled. Enjoy easy internet access from anywhere, 24 X 7.

IT Facilities
The computer lab houses the latest configuration in computers and is available anytime during and after working hours to all students and faculty. Each Department has its own lab with software that caters to specific academic programs. All workstations are networked for convenience. The lab also features the latest laptop computers and Pentium servers. The computer labs provide a mix of the newest software platforms. Training programs are conducted in these labs to give you a feel of the up-to-date software platforms currently used by industry.

You will have access to first class study resources and learning aids from libraries to computing facilities to symposia, to help you develop complete understanding of your subject.

Labs and Workshops
Every department comes with fully equipped labs and workshops to give you practical knowledge.

Language Lab Communication is the key to personality development. Language Lab hones your communication skills using international techniques. And prepares you for a world outside campus by ensuring impressive language skills.

A meaningful leisure time in one's college life is the time spent in Library. Library is the temple of learning as observed by our elders. Reading, Referring and Researching make a person more knowledgeable. The college library offers a wide range of learning resources. The library has a collection of books around 1,00,000 and subscribes to 80 periodicals and journals, both National and International. The service is fully computerized. Computer terminals are available for searching the library catalogue and for making reservation for books. Digital library facilities and CD-ROMS on periodicals and books and audio-visual materials on a variety of study areas are available. Air-conditioned study room with reference books make the library reading a pleasure.

You can have an air relaxation and develop comradeship with one another through recreation facilities available on the campuses. A separate recreation hall for women and a Day Scholar center for men are available on the campuses.

The college operates buses for comfortable transportation of students and staff. College buses ply from various points in the city such as Anna Nagar, Triplicane, Adayar and Tambaram for the benefit of the students. Besides, the college campuses are easily accessible by public transportation systems.

Bharath University gives great importance to the welfare of its students. It has separate fully equipped hostel facilities for boys and girls. It has 10 blocks of hostels with compound wall and landscaped gardens. All hostel blocks are well connected by roads. A very good water treatment caters the water needs of the hostel. Sewage plant is fully functional.

Hostels have single bedded, two-bedded and three-bedded rooms with ac and non-ac facilities. Post-graduates students have separate block of hostels. Each block has separate gym, library, laundry facilities and internet center. Each floor in the hostels has TVs with cable connection.

Each block is enabled with Wi-Fi facility. University ensures good safety measures throughout the hostel blocks.

Dining space
Each block has separate dining hall, which serves south Indian, north Indian and Chinese foods. The caterers are well experienced and prepare food in modern kitchen stressing the importance to hygiene and good taste. A dining mess committee consisting of students gives the hostel menu

Health center
Primary health care center takes care of the health of the students. All students in hostels are checked regularly on monthly basis by the doctors of the university hospital. The university hospital has full-fledged hospital facilities with ICU and emergency care for 24 hours. An ambulance is always standby for any medical emergency. All medicines and investigation are provided free of charge to all students and faculty.

Banks and ATM
Punjab National Bank provides the ATM and banking at the respective campuses for the need of the students and faculty.