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Class Rooms:
Class room with Green board, fan, light facility and dual desk facility with Individual Seated and good aeration and teaching aids such as OHP and LCD projectors are available for effective Teaching.

Library – A Store House of Knowledge Special Features
The institution holds a library replete with more than 7012 books. It accommodates 55 no’s of national and international journals and possesses more than 1150 CD’S of various disciplines. Specialized CD’S on a variety of topics including computer and management are available. The availability primary and secondary materials are of immense help to students and faculty members. The computerized library within house software LIPS is on par excellence with user friendly facilities. OPAC (On line public access catalogue) helps for the easy and quick access of books. This feature provides the status for the benefit of the users. Students can register their requirements beforehand using OPAC. Multiple copies of needed books are available to as many students as possible. Students can learn the university question paper pattern through the previous year’s question bank. All library facilities supported by expert assistance are available for students and staff from 9.00 AM to 7.00 PM on all working days.

Computer Lab
Central open access laboratories on campus provide 400 Pentium-IV PCs running Microsoft Windows XP, Office 2003 and more than 50 application packages of various types which include C, C++, java, Office Automation, Oracle 9i,Visual Basic, Macromedia Flashed. The Institute has recently commenced its SAP lab to give students exposure to the ERP implementation.

Students can access uninterrupted internet round the clock. The internet lab has 768 MB Bandwidth, with 70 systems of the latest configurations to avoid jostling of students and faculty in the lab. They enjoy the full vistas of education provided globally through internet.

Intranet facility is also provided for the staff and students. It consist of only academic information's, instructions and directions. A paperless e-governance is practiced in the vicinity of the college.

Language Lab
To encourage the active involvement of students in optimum improvement of their English language and communication, JAIRAM has a communication laboratory equipped with latest technology including latest version of language software provided by Sutherland Global Services meant for effective English learning. Communication Lab has introduced such a facility so that instructor can interact with all the sixty students individually and collectively via the server.

Conference Hall:
A conference hall (A/c) comprising of all the recent technologies like Multimedia Projector, Colour TV and Overhead Projector to enrich the programmes. This hall is utilized for Faculty Development Programmes, Students Paper/Project Presentations, Experts Talk, Personality Development and Film shows for Communication Skills, Association Meetings etc

A Mini conference hall (A/c) comprising of all the same recent technologies is used for Knowledge Lectures, Students Project / Seminar Presentations, Students' placement activities and interviews, Students Group Discussions, Students Viva-Voce, Faculty Meeting etc.,

Hostel (Separate for boys and girls)
We not only stop our mission with a high tech education to the students with the futuristic perspective but also extend our vision to give utmost satisfaction to those pupils who stay back in hostels. The hostel premises prove a hygienic atmosphere in an evergreen background. Men and women are provided with separate hostel facilities. We maintain a spacious dining hall with pure south Indian vegetarian food in the hostel which serves a wholesome and nutritious food with the help of a steam cooking facility. The hostel is equipped with latest telecommunication facilities. The campus is a self sufficient enclave with STD- ISD pay phones. The students are provided with spacious rooms designed with calculated, special intervals to ensure free air and sunlight. Uninterrupted water with R.O. Purification and power supply round the clock is also ensured. The hostel buildings are built in contemporary style facilitating maximum utility as well as safety. Health care facilities are available 24*7 at the hostel complex. The students are provided with a medi- claim policy of RS 25,000 per head. The health centre conducts special medical checkups for students and staff besides need based check-ups. The hostel is provided with ups services. Alternative power sources such as generators are in service. Other conventional sources of energy like solar energy are also used. Our high tech institution provides easy accessibility of internet to each and every student. The hostilities are provided internet access after 6 pm till 9 pm in the college campus for collecting more information. Visitors other than parents and guardians are not allowed to meet the students. HOSTEL ACCOMMODATION:- Students seeking admission to the hostel should apply to the principal/ warden.

Canteen is the place where students of all courses interact with each other and enjoy the good food. A well-designed and hygienic canteen in campus supplies quality snacks and eatables and provides students enough place to emote and relax, Lunch is provided for students and staff at a subsidised price.

The College is easily accessible from Salem City by the state operated transport service. In addition, the college owns a fleet of 20 buses and these buses operate along nearly 75 routes in and around Salem our booming transport facilities ensure that our students and staff are able to reach the college in time with utmost ease.

The College provides free medical aid to the students in college campus round the clock. And Every Student is insured for Rs. 50,000 In cases any Accidents.

Photocopying Facility:
The College offers photocopying facilities for the staff and the students on a modern automatic Photocopier at the subsidised price. This facility is available in the Library.

Power: The College is Equipped with one 125 Kva, and two 62.5 Kva Generator to have uninterrupted power supply across our campus.